Thursday, November 17, 2011

The story of why some people think I'm a satanist...

Let me tell you a story...the story of why some of the locals back in Norseman believe that the teachers have formed a satanic cult that worships satan at the cemetery.

No, I'm not joking. This happened. Really. Honest. What you're thinking right now is probably what I thought at the time.

Last year, when I was in Norseman, we had some new teachers move into town and myself and my friends being the nice people we are, we decided to take them out to a fancy dinner at the club (Ha!) and then show them around town.

We showed them the tin camels, the horse statue, the dump and the cemetery.

Now whilst at the cemetery we hopped out of the car, walked to the fence and looked in. We spent probably about two minutes standing in the cold and dark, peering through the gloom at the crummy town cemetery.

Eventually we got scared of some shadows and bolted back to the cars giggling and then drove home. This cartoons illustrates what happened:

Great story, huh? Totally fitting for a bust out of town rumours, right?

Well, somehow word got around town that we'd gone to the cemetery that night. It took time but word spread and the story of that night...changed. Warped. Grew.

Months later a parent accused one of my friends of holding satanic masses in the graveyard, of worshiping satan, of calling down spirits and all sorts of nonsense. He was upset, my friend, but he shrugged it off thinking it was just some kind of strange local silliness.

But noooo...the story continued to grow and another parent came forward to complain to the principal that a bunch of us were ripping up bibles on the highest mountain peak (Something that took us by surprise as we certainly hadn't been climbing up any mountains! Not in the middle of a school term! We save that sort of stuff for the holidays! Joking!), worshipping satan and attempting to summon ancient spirits. She claimed she was frightened for our souls.

Apparently this is what the townsfolk believed happened that night:

So yes, now a portion of the town think we're in a cult. Nice, huh? The whole thing is totally and completely silly!


boyssmell said...

O the joys of being a teacher. You're not allowed to do anything in your "free" time, because you are "public figure" and have to be on the ball 24/7. This is also why I would never want to teach and live in a small town. You run into the families too much.

Lena Bug said...

Hehe, I think only the police have it worse than teachers!